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Congratulations on discovering the premier health and fitness club of Laguna Beach. Featuring a world-class fitness center, juice bar, and panoramic ocean views for you to enjoy while you workout! From weights to cardio machines, to a variety of result-orientated fitness classes such as Yoga, Barre, Boxing, Indoor Cycle, Brazillian Booty, Sculpt and more!

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About Art of Fitness Gym in Laguna Beach

Art of Fitness is a fully contained one stop shopping international facility in prestigious Laguna Beach. It’s the only gym in Laguna that has it all!! You can workout, take classes, or train with one of our 15 top trainers from all over the world. We offer: Indoor Cycling, Jinga, Yoga, Barre, Boxing, Aerial Yoga, Brazilian Booty, Pilates, Sculpt, Spin and Sculpt, over 40 classes a week.
After class rejuvenate with a freshly made Organic cold press juice, or smoothie, while browsing the art / photo gallery. Didn’t bring workout clothes? No worries you can get the latest fashion from our retail clothing and accessory store. Don’t forget while doing your cardio to look for whales as The Art Of Fitness provides an Ocean View. [ read more ]

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 Set your super powers free tonight with Jill's NO-FAIL Meditation at 6:45pm Tuesday.
 Tag a friend to join you and sign up at the front desk!
 Ready to add a little something to your workouts? Tag a friend and come try BoxFit with Brandon.
 Gotta love those endorphins! Finish that cup of coffee and get in to the gym for your workout today!
 Take your core, stability and coordination to the next level with TRX!
 Looking to transform your back and arms? Here is a great exercise breakdown from @weighttrainingguide ・・・ Underhand lat pull-down (aka reverse-grip lat pull-down). A major compound exercise that targets your latissimus dorsi! Multiple upper-body muscles work as synergists, including your pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, brachialis, brachioradialis, middle and lower trapezius, levator scapulae, rhomboids, posterior deltoid, and teres major. Sit on the bench with your legs tucked firmly under the leg supports. Hold the bar with a shoulder-width underhand (reverse or supinated) grip. Pull the bar down to your upper chest. As you do so, keep your elbows close to your body and bring them as far back behind you as possible. Return the bar to the starting position, and repeat. Note: Using the shoulder-width underhand grip as described above puts more emphasis on your lower lat muscle fibers, which produces thick lats that run all the way down your sides. Using the more common wide overhand grip puts more emphasis on your teres major and upper lat muscle fibers, which is better for building a broad back with wing-like lats. Therefore, you should include both variations in your program.

Group Fitness Classes

Personalize your workout, we offer group classes for all fitness levels every day of the week. Class drop-ins are available.

World Class Personal Training

Our trainers come from all over the world having earned Undergraduate, and Graduate degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Mix up your regular routine on innovative equipment like the Woodway Curve, Jacobs Ladder and much more…

Ocean View Workouts

Enjoy your workout while taking in the gorgeous view and breeze of the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Laguna Beach.

Art of Fitness Apparel

The retail shop has the latest exercise fashion trends on the market for all fitness occasions. Check out what’s hot at the AOF retail shop.

Fresh Local Juice Bar

We offer locally farmed yummy 100% Organic juices, smoothies, and super-foods, treated with 9.5 alkaline water.

Choose from Flexible Membership Options.  *Temporary memberships do not include classes.

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Personal Trainer

Shaun Sweeney

Dusty - Yoga Instructor

Dusty – Yoga Instructor

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Kristin Granillo – Indoor Cycling Instructor

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Tracy Bauer – Indoor Cycling Instructor

Personal Trainer / Group Instructor

Tamara Taylor – Personal Trainer / Group Instructor

Arielle Dudley - Yoga Instructor

Arielle Dudley – Yoga Instructor

Personal Trainer

Liz Messina

Personal Trainer

Brandon Padilla

Brandon Padilla

Boxing Instructor | Personal Trainer

elizabeth blanchard

Elizabeth Blanchard

Personal Trainer

steve wheeler

Steve Wheeler

Sports Instructor | Trainer

monika olson

Monika Olson

Personal Trainer

tracey thompson

Tracey Thompson

Personal Trainer | Instructor | Massage Therapist

justin behrendsen

Justin Behrendsen

Personal Trainer

bob linzy

Bob Linzy

Personal Trainer

aviva schmidt

Aviva Schmidt

Personal Trainer | Yoga Instructor

katie bond

Katie Bond

Personal Trainer | Yoga Instructor

Destiny Yard

Destiny Yard

Barre Instructor

bert myers

Bert Myers

Personal Trainer


Fernanda Rocha

Owner | Trainer | Instructor

Marian Keegan instructor image

Marian Keegan

Owner | Trainer | Instructor

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